Dual Flush Toilet Reviews 2016 – The Best Dual Flush Toilets

Aquia II Dual Flush

The manufacturer Toto produces the Aquia II Dual Flush Toilet-model number CST416M#11 and weighs 97 pounds. The porcelain toilet has a bowl with an elongated shape.  It has a flush option of either 1.6 gallons per flush or .9 gallons per flush depending on which button you push.  It comes in several color choices such as ebony, bone, cotton white, colonial white and Sedona beige. It comes with a chrome push button and a five-year limited warranty. The cost is $292.00. However, prices may vary.

One thing to consider when checking on dual flush toilet reviews is the types of accessories that are available and also the availability of replacement parts. Many of the best retailers will carry a variety of parts and can give you a good idea about the cost and if it will be raised anytime soon. This is a consideration should you also be in the market for a faucet that matches the design of the toilet. Checkout more dual flush toilet reviews on ShopToilet.com.

For instance, NationalBuildersSupply.com carries the Toto Elongated Toilet Seat number SS201#11. The Seat comes with a cover and has a SoftClose seat. It has a hinge system, and the hardware is included in the package. It comes in bone, colonial white, cotton white, ebony and Sedona beige. The price is $58.88.

toto-elongated-toilet-seat-number-ss20111Another place to check on dual flush toilet reviews is EBay. Currently, there is an Ariel Platinum ‘The Hemes’ Dual Flush Toilet model number AP 309, with a buy it now price of $522.25. The price includes shipping. The toilet comes with the non-slamming, soft close seat that allows for less noise. The unit measures 18 inches wide by 28.8 inches long by  31.2 inches high.Take a bit of time and look over all of the dual flush toilet reviews that are available so that you can make an informed decision about whether this type of toilet will be the “throne “in your house.


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